Drawing Sphere

I did this in collaboration with Chad Oakenfold. It is an 8 foot diameter sphere designed and built by Chad, upon the inside of which he invited me to do as I please. I did a drawing. The piece was exhibited at the Butchershop in March of 2005, as part of the show "Cobraheads". The show featured new and revised work by Chad, which you can learn more about by visiting his website here.

The drawing inside wraps all the way around 360 degrees. The viewer is literally "in" the drawing. click on the image above, and move the cursor around to view the image. Thanks to Ehren Salazar for providing the quicktime file.

Aside from being really neat, the sphere also has some incredible acoustic properties. Depending on where your head is inside, the sound can either be extremely amplified, so that you may hear your voice at a higher volume than you seem to be speaking, and then if you move just an inch to either side, your voice may disappear, as it bounces around the sphere always missing the location that your ear is in. While I was working inside, I often found myself in conversation with Chad (perhaps the most enjoyable part of doing this project), and it sometimes felt like there was something wrong with my hearing.